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At Amber Massage we provide a wide range of treatments by a professional caring therapist who is health fund accredited. Whether you are looking for pampering, relaxation or pain relief we can support you.

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$100 (60min) / $80 (45min) / $60 (30min)

Relaxation massage | Aromatherapy massage

This begins with a consultation to ascertain the essential oils used to help with overall health and well-being.  A gentle but flowing technique is used with emphasis on the back, feet and  head. A lymphatic  ‘pump’ is included to stimulate the lymphatic system.


Deep tissue massage

a much firmer massage that gets into sore and aching muscles to relieve stress and pain. A deep flowing movement that promotes healing on localised areas.

Pregnancy massage

this is a special time when your body needs particular attention. This gentle massage helps relieve tension and pain, helps blood pressure and allows you to feel comfortable with your new body.


Musculo Skeletal-Myopractic treatment 

a powerful way to relieve pain and to rebalance the body using a type of massage that releases tight muscles. It identifies the cause of pain, rather than treating the site of the symptoms. This is achieved by using  detailed body assessment & evaluation.

Bowen treatment 

a gentle way to ease pain and realign the body.

Hormone & Nerve Dynamics

can help identify & repair hormonal imbalances eg menstrual difficulties, libido, fertility, pregnancy, after birth, menopause. It uses fascia, muscles & nerves to enhance the body’s inherent ability to bring itself into balance.

"Rosemary has maintained my back and body for the last 12 years or more and I've never had such positive results from previous practitioners. I spent a fortune going to chiropractors every week and never got the results I get from Rosemary. She is brilliant at what she does and a beautiful person. Don't think twice about going to her. You won't regret it." ~ Wendy



$100 (60min)

Pure Indulgence Luxury Facial

includes a double cleanse using steam and massage techniques that relax and revive tired muscles, an exfoliation,  a specialised mask and potent botanical extracts that hydrate and refine the skin. Hands and feet are also treated.      

Spinal Flow  

$100 Initial assessment & treatment/ $55 normal session (30min)

This is a fast and effective way to help you heal and feel amazing in your body again. It’s a  gentle and holistic approach that is used to heal many diseases, illnesses and pain.  Spinal Flow is a blend of cutting-edge science and healing arts.

Emotional, chemical and physical tension is located and stored in the nervous system of the spine. This technique is so effective as it allows the blockages to be released and healed.

Bath Salts

Sea Salt Exfoliation & Wrap 

$100 (60min)

Your body is brushed to remove any dead skin cells then a beautiful blend of mineral rich sea salt and essential oils (tailored to your needs) is massaged over the body. You are then cocooned in a wrap to relax and sweat.  After showering the skin is left feeling like silk.

Blond Wavy Hair


Intensive hair treatment & scalp massage
$70 (40 min)

Scalp is massaged with enriching essential oils that can help with the shine and texture.

A luxurious conditioning treatment is then applied to your hair which is wrapped & warmed. Hair washed then applied with Moroccan oil.

Bookings & Enquiries

Mobile:  0412 296 358

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