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At Amber Massage,  Day Spa & Ballina Spinal Flow in East Ballina it's time for you to relax, refresh, rejuvenate and heal yourself.

We are committed to your health and wellbeing with a caring and professional therapist and provide a range of wonderful experiences to suit your needs.


We are inspired by the beauty of this area and the healing energies and offer a range of beautiful treatments that restore your health and well-being and in turn will revitalise your body and calm your mind. Amber (a home based business) is a unique Spa and Clinic with heart and soul.

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Amber Massage & Day Spa

15 The Terrace,
East Ballina NSW 2478

Book online or 

M: 0412 296 358

"No words can describe my satisfaction. Thank you so much for everything." Kristy

You can choose to come to the clinic for specific body issues, to the Day Spa for a totally indulgent experience or to workshops to learn more and be inspired.  Amber is all about choice; you choose what you need or we will help tailor your own personal experience.

It may be:

  • for pain relief and body realignment

  • to release physical, emotional & chemical stresses

  •  for relaxing and calming

  •  to feel pampered and blissful.


Services offered:

  • Musco-skeletal Therapy (Myopractic)

  • Spinal Flow

  •  Massage (aromatherapy, deep tissue, remedial, cupping, pregnancy)

  •  Clinical aromatherapy

  •  Foot corrections treatment

  •  Nerve & Hormone dynamics

  •  Facials

  •  Exfoliations

  •  Ion- foot cleanse detox

  •  Infra red sauna.

  • Hair tissue mineral analysis.

Amber is the perfect place to relax, indulge, refresh, rejuvenate and refocus the mind, body and soul. We all need to take time out in this busy world during this challenging time. Amber is a place to regain this balance.

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